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What is Nano and why would I use it?

Nano is the digital currency of the future. Nano transactions are fast, free, impossible to forge, and don't rely on a middle-man like a bank.

How do I get started?

To claim your Nano, you'll need a Nano wallet and a Nano address.

What are wallets and addresses?

Your wallet is where you store, send and receive Nano. You can think of your wallet like your online banking, where you keep track of one or more bank accounts. Each account has a Nano address, which is like your bank account number. You can send and receive Nano from this address. Nano addresses start with xrb_ followed by 60 characters.

How can I set up a wallet and get my address?

There are several wallets available for various platforms. For the fastest start, follow these instructions to set up an online wallet using NanoVault.

  1. Go to NanoVault and click on Create Wallet.
  2. Copy the Wallet Seed to a safe place. If you lose your Wallet Seed, there is no way to get your Nano back.
  3. Click on I've saved my seed/mnemonic.
  4. Enter a password for your wallet, save it with your wallet seed, then click Set Wallet Password.
  5. Click View accounts. Your first account has been created, the address will start with xrb_ followed by 60 characters. Copy this address.
  6. Paste your address into the Your Nano Address field on this page, then click Redeem Nano.
  7. CONGRATS! You've got your first Nano. Go back to your NanoVault wallet, your funds will appear there soon.
How much is Nano worth?

1 Nano is currently worth about $0.00 USD, but you can transact less than 1 Nano. You could send the tiniest fraction of a cent to someone on the other side of the world and the transaction would still be free.

There is a fixed supply of Nano, and no-one can create more. This means the value of Nano is not subject to inflation. Instead, the price of Nano is based on the demand for it as a currency.

Is this legitimate?

The only things we ask for to redeem your Nano are your email address, NanoMate ID, and Nano address.

Your NanoMate ID is a secret, single-use unlock code generated just for you. No-one has anything to gain by sending you a fake one, but you should always check the URL before entering your NanoMate ID into the form (it should start with

Nano addresses are public, and no-one can gain access to your wallet or funds simply by having your address. We will never ask you for your wallet's seed, private key or password. If anyone ever asks you for these things, DO NOT hand them over.

Can I buy things with Nano?

With no fees and near-instant transaction confirmations, Nano is a great fit for both ecommerce and retail point-of-sale payments. We're still in the early-adopter phase, so there are limited vendors that accept Nano, but we hope you'll soon be able to pay for your coffee, groceries, clothes and more with Nano.

You can of course pay your friends directly with Nano. If you have their Nano address, you can pay them instantly. If you don't have their Nano address, or even if they've never heard of Nano, you can pay them using NanoMate.

Can I exchange my Nano for dollars (or my local fiat currency)?

There are a number of CryptoCurrency trading websites called Exchanges that will allow you to trade your Nano for other CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The best way to convert your Nano to fiat is to first exchange it for Bitcoin on an exchange, then use a Bitcoin buying and selling service like LocalBitcoins to sell your Bitcoin for fiat.

This process will become easier as Nano-specific buying and selling services appear, which will allow you to skip the middle step.

If you need help, we recommend asking your questions on Reddit.

How can I buy more Nano?

There are a number of CryptoCurrency trading websites called Exchanges that will allow you to trade CryptoCurrencies. Most of these websites use Bitcoin as a trading pair with Nano, so the first step to buying Nano is to buy Bitcoin through a service like LocalBitcoins.

Once you have some Bitcoin, you can use an exchange like Binance or KuCoin to trade your Bitcoin for Nano at the market rate.

If you need help, we recommend asking your questions on Reddit.