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Introduce your friends to Nano by sending them some. They can redeem it via a secret link. We'll help them set up a wallet, then forward your payment.

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Send this link to the recipient. They can use it to unlock any funds you send to the above address.


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You can send any amount and we'll deduct the flat 1c fee. This calculator is just for your convenience.

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Introduce your friends to Nano

Send Nano to the generated address, then give your friend the secret redeem link. The redeem page guides them through the process of setting up a wallet and getting an address.

If you add their email address, we'll send them an email telling them they've got Nano, explaining what it is, and how they can claim it.

Friends already know about Nano?

This service can still be useful if they're not currently able to send you their address - if you've got their email, you don't need it. Friend paid for your meal? Reimburse them in Nano!

For someone who already has a Nano wallet, redeeming is as simple as clicking a link in the email, and pasting in their address.

How it works
  1. You add your friend's details.
  2. We create a fresh Nano address and monitor it for funds.
  3. When it receives funds, we email your friend a link and password they can use to transfer the Nano to their own wallet. This email includes an intro to Nano, and instructions on setting up a wallet of their choice. You'll also receive an email with an unlock code that you can use if your friend never claims their Nano.
  4. Finally, we email you to let you know they've claimed their Nano.
What will my friend see?

We send them an email (preview it above) telling them they've received Nano. It also explains what Nano is, and how to set up a wallet.

The link in the email goes to the Redeem page, which you can preview here.


The fee for this service is a fixed $0.01USD (1c) per transaction. This is calculated using the latest market rate and deducted from your transaction before we send it to your friend. This fee is subject to change in the future.

Why the fee?

Nano transactions are free, but running a web app is not. The fee covers the costs involved in running the service. We hope you'll think of the fee as being the cost of convenience.

Fees keep the servers running, donations keep us motivated to continue improving the service. If you think this service is worth keeping around, please consider donating to xrb_1o1dx1doms4c7eknnju5yoeb7sj555xa1o31qbhg8eo4dypgsnk9gqth4rqd.

How can I trust this app?

We suggest that you try sending some Nano to your own email address first, to make sure it all works as advertised.

We are not anonymous, we've put our names on this service, so you can trust we won't just run off with your funds.

We create addresses using a deterministic key function and random index, and we do not store any private keys in our database. For a hacker to access the funds currently in escrow (waiting to be claimed), they'd need access to both our wallet seed AND database - which are stored separately - to regenerate the private keys.

We do not pool funds in a single account, so there is no risk of double-deposits or withdrawals a-la Bitgrail. When you unlock funds, you simply unlock the full amount of Nano in the account - there is no way to withdraw more than has been deposited to a single address.